So what’s the story???

Editor in chief, auteur, SOLE CONTRIBUTER to Unsatisfied. AKA me!!!! Aren’t I so Steve Jobs-chic in this turtleneck? I got it on sale
Everything starts somewhere. Except ants. They just kind of appeared one day and appear every Texas summer to swarm and deny me the right to eat sweet things in peace and set it down without my life becoming Antpocalypse Now and having to be soaked in bleach trying to kill-spray those little bastards (word to Nirvana) ….
But the idea for this website came to me in two forms. One was a fevered thought I had in the midst of last night’s bout of insomnia, that I could create a blog about music that rocks, past and present, my own unique sense of style, and the trashy cult movies I love without it being me reblogging tepid quotes, GIFs, and image macros over at the ol’ ….the idea that I had the power to write in my hands!

And the OTHER inspiration for the start of this blog? Not just the voices of iconic magazines past (Creem, the best rock magazine of all time? Sassy, a magazine for girls that forever changed the game! Cheap Date, style bible of my soul! Hooyeah!) buuuuutttt also, I really owe the delicious memoirs of Pamela des Barres, Queen Groupie Goddess of the 60s and early 70s, for choosing to put pen to paper (or thumbs to WordPress app) and getting shit done. 20 years ago UNSATISFIED. would have surely been a radio show. I would have been like the female Harry Hard-On from Pump Up The Volume (if you haven’t seen that Iconic Movie I don’t wanna know you). But I could never run a podcast, I don’t even know how that works and I’m too lazy to find out. Hence, this blog. I hope you read and enjoy, and if you hate it, still send me some delicious hate mail through my contact page. Any publicity, yknow.


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