About Unsatisfied Magazineđź–¤

In the finest tradition (at least I wish!) of girl bibles such as Sassy, music magazines such as Punk Planet and Creem, the iconic memoirs of my favorite figures in music, film, and the celebrity galaxy, and alternative style rags such as the British Cheap Date, the Japanese FRUiTS, and Spain’s Buffalo, I, Athena Alvarez, a 19 year old Mexican-American Iggy Pop devotee from the middle of nowhere (but the middle of something) bring to you UNSATISFIED. The title, taken from both “Unsatisfied”, an amazing song by The Replacements off thier 1984 album Let It Be, and “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, by the first, legendary masters of bluesy rock sleaze, The Rolling Stones, one of my first musical loves, represents what I was feeling when I launched this blog. What more people than just me are feeling, I hope. As someone who’s always considered herself a writer, I want to put my feelings into words. Into actions. And as someone ready to start her life and attempt to rock the world, I’m doing just that, starting right here. And while I know I won’t be the best thing ever, I can damn well try. I’m ripping it up and starting it again and serving it up to you in bite sized delicious blog form. Enjoy.